Excerpts and Quotes

" Yes, this record will appeal to those disciples of Goth and punk and horror rock but it will also appeal to fans of folk, Celtic, grunge, punk and neofolk music. Violins, mandolins and cellos are not the typical instrumentation of Goth rock but this record is not typical in any sense of the word."
Indie Habit

"Nic Nassuet is superb on all levels that he needs to be. He is an absolutely first rate songwriter, moreover he is a truly unique performer .I couldn’t for the life of me, easily imagine any of his songs being performed by any other artist but himself; probably because he is an exceptional vocalist -singing softly to a full-throated bellow, in an almost impossibly gravelly but pure voice -that often borders on omnipotence and unorthodox phrasing."

"This is serious music for serious thought."
Indie Band Guru

"“She Rides Moonlight” is the type of song Jim Morrison always wanted to make, slowed down with the focus on emotion. Nassuet makes it happen."
New York Music Examiner

"If Edgar Allen Poe was in a band, he’d be in one with Nic Nassuet."
Review Fix

"There is a tendency in audiences to try to assimilate and compare something powerful and original to another – to grasp or hold onto the known. But with Nic Nassuet, this tendency won’t hold. Nassuet rewrites the singer-songwriter user’s manual like Ritchie Havens, Ryan Adams, Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens, Jeff Buckley, Nick Drake and other legendary artists did before him."

"All of our hearts hold some darkness and some solitary pain, but Nic has found a way to make that beautiful."

Sergeant Sparrow

"A compelling performer"

NeuFutur Magazine

"Nic Nassuet is a poet. A singer and songwriter yes, but not the typical "howdy doo da sun in the sky" type of singer songwriter. Nic sings with passion, and his lyrics seem to reflect an intriguing reality from an almost dark perspective."
The Music Farmer

"[...] his album is stunning, possibly among the finest pieces of modern American music."
Jamsphere Music Magazine, Print Edition

"Meet Nic Nassuet and Catrina Grimm, the king and queen of gothic folk. The pair bring all of their theatre experience, writing, and musical stage presence out to play on Nassuet’s latest project Eleutherios."
Scallywag Magazine

"Perhaps the most impressive part of She Rides Moonlight has to be the vocal range expressed by Nic; from lows to highs, the Jim Morrison meets Geoff Tate aural finesse will stick with listeners long after the track ceases."
NeuFutur Magazine

"His gothic aesthetics and nocturnal atmospheres allow Nic to explore with his sound and extend far beyond the vocals / guitar format that is the staple of the singer / songwriter genre."
The Band Camp Diaries

"Nic’s music possesses a more complex and intricate spirit than much of the music heard today."
NeuFutur Magazine

"Dulcet Toned"

 Backstage National Edition

"Nassuet is able to put a definable face on the Gothic Rock genre for anyone who either had no idea what it was or had prior predispositions. Eerily charming, soft and silky, yet powerful and dark, Nassuet’s work would fit in perfectly in a video game the likes of “Castlevania” or “Silent Hill.”"
Review Fix
"Commanding and Nuanced"
Boulder Daily Camera

"After a few listens, you’ll sing along, wondering when you, indeed, went goth."
Review Fix

"Sonorous singing voice and commanding presence"
Rocky Mountain News

"Nic is able to move from near silence to crafting a guitar line that will have listeners hanging on every subsequent note."
NeuFutur Magazine

"Charming [...] and sings beautifully"
North Denver Tribune

"Nassuet is acoustic, operatically punk, or mysterious and dark. I applaud that. Someone had to pick up where theatre nerd-turned rocker Meatloaf left off. What’s truly hot about their music is the way they approach story. You want to listen and keep listening to Nic Nassuet and the lady Grimm.

And that’s quite a feat in a world sans attention spans and bereft of the art of performance."
Scallywag Magazine

"Impresses with his voice"
Denver Post

"In short, Eleutherios is an amazing album, both for its innovation, and for the sheer beauty of its songs. A wondrous, glowing record of uncommon passion and depth, it ranks with the true greats of recent years."
Jamsphere Music Magazine, Print Edition

"Unique and otherworldly"
NeuFutur Magazine

"Steals the stage each time he's on it"

"Very catchy, and almost haunting"
Brutal Resonance

"[...] what sets him apart and has garnered so much critical acclaim has been his songwriting ability. The way he is able to put together all the different layers in his compositions shows the training he has had in the theatre to have really paid off." 
Guardian Liberty Voice

"Nic Nassuet takes folk to a dreamy 70s-inspired place awash with Jim Morrison’s influence"
Papercut Magazine

"Nassuet’s lyrics paint a love story that fits in idyllic harmony with the acoustic backdrop, and serve as another element in the song’s subtle but mystical aura."
Muso's Guide

"Some artists don’t understand the importance of creating a cohesive effort within an album format; Nassuet does." 
Pop Dose

"[a] singer of deep, intense gothic-acoustic folk with a side-order of Celtic, blues, rock, grunge, punk…  Immured is "a haunting duet inspired by the ghost of an Eastern European bride who was entombed inside of stone walls while her mother looked on". Sounds like fun, I know, but in the darkness lies beauty, particularly in the female vocals, whose gentle tones provide contrast to the controlled fire of Nassuet's own."
Record, Rewind, Play (UK)

"[...] this album is one you’ll keep around for a long, long time; its evergreen melodies and deep-seated heart and soul make it a staple for anyone’s collection."
Pop Dose

"This is fine music"
Anti Music


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Flowers in a Gun
The Music Farmer
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The Bandcamp Diaries
Jamsphere Music Magazine, Digital Edition
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Carpe Nocturne Magazine

The Music Farmer Full Review


Nic Nassuet "Eleutherious"

Jan 19, 2015

Nic Nassuet is a poet. A singer and songwriter yes, but not the typical "howdy doo da sun in the sky" type of singer songwriter. Nic sings with passion, and his lyrics seem to reflect an intriguing reality from an almost dark perspective.


Nic Nassuet is coming out with an album titled "Elutherious" in Spring 2015, and it's full of great string sections, acoustic guitars, and shredding vocal melodies. Standouts on the album include "The Nothing," which also gives off a certain Danny Elfman vibe. The vocals are dubbed in traditional Beatles style, with a low octave on select lines. This helps make the production stand out from the rest of the modern "singer/songwriter" genres in addition to the music itself.


Keep your eyes out for Nic Nassuet's new album, "Eleutherious" - You can find out more about Nic Nassuet below:





Jamshpere Full Review


Soundscape Magazine

CD Reviews

Nic Nassuet – Eleutherios Review

Eleutherios nIC nASSUETOne of the first things that hits you about Eleutherios, the new album from Gothic/folk artist Nic Nassuet, is the sheer emotiveness of it – and given that the album is fairly sparse and simplistic musically, this is no mean feat!

The vocals are quietly stunning, adding a lot of atmosphere to the acoustic guitars and gentle violin lines, and are also very versatile, ranging from powerfully delivered emotive lines right through to gentle ethereal sections with an edge of mystery to them. Meanwhile, the instrumentation adds a lot of body and depth to the album, and it all just flows so well from start to finish.

The album is masterfully constructed and a particular highlight of it is the song When It Falls. Beginning with a catchy acoustic guitar riff, when the vocals kick in you can’t help but want to sing along by the time you reach the chorus – it’s one of those songs that will stuck in your head and it really leaves an impression on you.

Overall, Eleutherios is a stunning album that is an easy and accessible listen. If you haven’t checked this out yet, then what are you waiting for?


The Bancamp Diaries Review

Nic Nassuet is a singer / songwriter that offers something truly unique. His music is as dark, hauntingly beautiful and minimal as artists the likes of Elliott Smith, Jeff Buckley or Nick Drake. Nonetheless, there is a more direct feel to his sound; a grit that echoes genres such as horror punk and garage.

His gothic aesthetics and nocturnal atmospheres allow Nic to explore with his sound and extend far beyond the vocals / guitar format that is the staple of the singer / songwriter genre.

Songs like “Immured” showcase the essentialist core of Nic’s songs, but this very core is enhanced and embellished by stunning string sections and lush atmospheric sounds. 




If you’re looking for the lovechild of the genres Gothic and Folk, look no further. Nic Nassuet’s new record, Eleutherios, is that child.

Filled with powerful lyrics, this album will take you through dark worlds and beautiful soundscapes. The album embraces elements of traditional Celtic-music, blues, rock, grunge, folk, punk, and gothic rock. It is one hell of a melting pot if I ever saw one, but Nassuet knows just how to stir all the flavors together.

Utilizing violins, acoustic guitars, and female vocals, Nassuet is the master of the minor key; his ballads are beautiful and haunting all at once. If you enjoy Nick Drake, Jeff Buckley, Sisters of Mercy, Peter Murphy, and Meg Myers then Nassuet is right up your alley.

His talent is undeniable. He has starred in critically-acclaimed musicals such as “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street,” “Side Show,” and the original rock-musical “Doomsday Cabaret.” His work on and off stage echo his passion and dedication to his craft.

NeuFutur Review

Nic Nassuet She Rides Moonlight Single Review

She Rides Moonlight is a tender track that touches upon an earlier musical tradition even as Nic Nassuet and featured vocalist Catrina Grimm create something that speaks to current styles of music. The deliberate composition that begins this track will have fans on the edges of their seats, making them eager to hear the narrative that Nassuet weaves through the composition.



The dynamic between the instrumental and the vocal elements during She Rides Moonlight pushes each into a higher plateau; the fluidity of this track makes for a much more compelling composition. The journey which Nic sends listeners is a fulfilling one; there are twists and turns taken here that will take a number of listens to fully appreciate. The ability to listen to She Rides Moonlight as an innocuous composition or as something deep and dense is up to the listeners and makes for a considerably different experience. It is precisely this quality that makes Nassuet such a compelling performer; the track’s mastering is sharp enough to make either decision a fulfilling one.

Perhaps the most impressive part of She Rides Moonlight has to be the vocal range expressed by Nic; from lows to highs, the Jim Morrison meets Geoff Tate aural finesse will stick with listeners long after the track ceases.

For the latest in information about Nassuet, make it a point to visit his Facebook; samples of She Rides Moonlight and his other tracks are available at his ReverbNation. Check NeuFutur in the following weeks to hear more about this unique and otherworldly singer, and visit our interview to be provided with a more detailed look into this performer.

Rating: 8.8/10

Nic Nassuet She Rides Moonlight Single Review / 2015 Self / 1 Track / www.reverbnation.com/nicnassuet/ / www.facebook.com/nassuet / www.nicnassuet.com/ / www.imdb.com/name/nm2302936/

Sergeant Sparrow Review


Nic Nassuet’s music is reminiscent of 90’s rock with a folk heart beat.  Nic Nassuet writes with an honest sincerity. In the song “When it Falls” released in February of this year Nic creates a sordid tale of one haunted by his own demons. The song features violins, cellos, upright basses, guitars, and rock vocals and unique percussion. In it he laments,

“I have become this thing
I’ve started haunting my own dreams
Forever lost in the depth of me.”

Some of his tracks feature Catrina Grimm, Josh Riccio at Sing Engine Studios engineered, and all have a clear insight into Nassuet’s own heart. All of our hearts hold some darkness and some solitary pain, but Nic has found a way to make that beautiful.


Website: www.nicnassuet.com
Streaming music and lyrics: http://www.nicnassuet.com/music-video andwww.reverbnation.com/nicnassuet
Lyric videos and live performances: www.youtube.com/nicnassuet
Twitter: @nicnassuet
Facebook: www.facebook.com/nassuet

NeuFutur News Update

Nic Nassuet Releases Eleutherios 4/20, Plays Insted 5/2

Nic Nassuet is nearly ready to release his new album, Eleutherios. This comes off of Nic’s wins at the Veterans Creative Arts festival, where he took home awards for Best Original Song, and Best Vocalist (in folk and rock). The title will be released on April 20th, and Nic will be playing at www.instedfest.com/ on May 2nd, 2015.


Eleutherios is a title that showcases a wide array of Nic’s influences and overall styles; the disparate elements that are present over the tracks he has released from the album are corralled nicely by Nassuet. When It Falls is a track that could easily be on rock radio, building upon the work of Hinder and Staind. The fullness of the track showcases that Nic’s music possesses a more complex and intricate spirit than much of the music heard today.3055914

The percussive element provides a closer and more intimate introduction to Nassuet’s persona. The slower tempo of The Nothing puts Nic’s songwriting and arranging abilities to the test. The resulting track is an unfettered success, as Nic is able to move from near silence to crafting a guitar line that will have listeners hanging on every subsequent note. Immured is the logical extension of The Nothing. The track weighs in at six minutes and utilizes a female set of vocals to mesh perfectly with sedate instrumentation; when Nic’s vocals kick in, the track is spun into an entirely new realm.


For more information about Nic’s music, live dates, lyrics (and much more), visit his domain at www.nicnassuet.com/ . A number of his tracks can be located at his ReverbNation  and SoundCloud . There is still a great deal for NeuFutur to experience from the album, so keep an eye out for our coverage of Eleutherios when it hits stores.

Read more: http://neufutur.com/2015/04/nic-nassuet-releases-eleutherios-420-plays-insted-52/#ixzz3Wq0tGO2C

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Nic Nassuet - Eleutherios (Self-Released)

21 April 2015

Nic Nassuet is a singer/songwriter from Hollywood, and has just released his new gothic folk album, Eleutherios. There’s a strong air of 80’s gothic bands likeBauhaus and Sisters of Mercythroughout the album, especially on songs backed with a fuller sound like “Down.” This injection of influences on even the quieter, folky songs like “The Nothing” and “Cross and Crown,” means he often veer towards the Neofolk genre, pioneered by the likes of Death In June and Current 93. But Nassuet lacks the true esotericism of these bands, so they end up sounding closer to the psychedelic and melancholy folk of Nick Drake and Jeff Buckley.

Backed with strings and *Catrina Grimm*on background vocals, they invariably end up sounding majorly baroque on ballads like “Immured.” It is on these moments, especially on the album closer “She Rides Moonlight,” that they’re at their greatest and even verge on true beauty. If only they leaned less on a gothic rock crutch and put more emphasis on the baroque and softer elements the album would be even stronger, but as it is there still some fine moments on this record. Eleutherios may be uneven at times, but when it tries to bePink Moon instead of Floodland, there begins to be glimpses of something truly inspired that could only grow with time.


New York Music Examiner

(REVIEW): Nic Nassuet Rides Straight Into The Moonlight

David Grant  
Nic Nassuet
Nic Nassuet
Nic Nassuet

BAND: Nic Nassuet


Guitars/Vocals: Nic Nassuet

Vocals: Catrina Grimm


Eleutherios (4/20/2015)


Josh Riccio

Sing Engine Records


Nic Nassuet, a decorated award winning singer/songwriter, has a new album titled, Eleutherios. The new release is labeled a Gothic Folk record that explores the dark side through Nassuet’s unique sound and punk influence. It’s no surprise that Nassuet has fronted several metal and punk bands prior to his solo career; you can hear the influence through his lyrics and songs on Eleutherios.

“She Rides Moonlight” has a poetic sound; the listener feels the pain. It’s a very unique mix of sound, pace and suppressed energy. Slow down The Doors “L.A. Woman” to a crawl is the closest comparison (and a huge compliment) I can come to with for this track.

“She Rides Moonlight” is the type of song Jim Morrison always wanted to make, slowed down with the focus on emotion. Nassuet makes it happen."

“When It Falls” is another notable track, a raw, stripped down rocker with lyrics and vocals with purpose and crisp enough to cut through a smoky room. Nassuet’s bio lists “acoustic horror punk” as one of his styles, this song comes close (minus the acoustic) to this description.

Nassuet has had great success in the past and Eleutherios should continue to keep Nassuet on the road as well as the radio.



When It Falls

Black Dress

She Rides Moonlight

Goodnight Goodbye

The Giver

The Nothing



Cross and Crown

Nic Nassuet Website

Jamshpere Music Magazine, Print Edition

Review Fix

Nic Nassuet ‘Eleutherios’ Review: Gothic Poetry

If Edgar Allen Poe was in a band, he’d be in one with Nic Nassuet.

Combining poetic lyrics and solid and deep musicianship thanks to a slew of solid musicians behind him, Nassuet is able to put a definable face on the Gothic Rock genre for anyone who either had no idea what it was or had prior predispositions.

Eerily charming, soft and silky, yet powerful and dark, Nassuet’s work would fit in perfectly in a video game the likes of “Castlevania” or “Silent Hill.”

While many tracks feel and sound like lullabies, there’s a power before his vocals at times that add an extra element as well. However, it’s the softer stuff that will resonate with non-fans of the genre the most. Tracks like “The Giver” and “Good Night, Goodbye,” make great use of violin and guitar and thanks to the imagery provided by Nassuet’s voice, it’s almost like a look at something living and breathing. In the case of “The Giver,” it’s almost like a track that Jack Skellington would sing to his child (if he had one) in “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” It makes sense considering Nassuet’s background in theatre, but to those who have never seen him before, it’ll just be an interesting song that makes you think.

With an almost Jim Croce/Shawn Mullins start from Nassuet on the guitar, “Good Night, Goodbye” is also a beautiful, softer piece that is surprisingly dark and Poe-esque. After a few listens, you’ll sing along, wondering when you, indeed, went goth. But have no fear, it’s just a catchy track, powered by solid lyrics. In the end, his music can easily be labeled, but shouldn’t. It’s just well-polished and dark.

“Black Dress” showcases a more gruff side of Nassuet, an angry folk-ballad where he sounds a bit like Neil Diamond. Add in more violin from Edward Hong and a catchy hook and it’s very easy to become a fan of Nassuet’s work. On “Immune,” Nassuet is able to add another element in Catrina Grimm on backup vocals, adding more goth to formula. With a nice amount of layers already, Grimm’s equally as sexy and taut voice puts the song over the top.

Solid on the guitar and chilling on vocals, he’s definitely something different. Although his stuff isn’t the most radio-friendly, it’s deep, thought-provoking and without a doubt polished.

The following two tabs change content below.

Patrick Hickey Jr.

Editor-in-Chief, Founder at Review Fix
Patrick Hickey Jr. is the Founder, Editor-in-Chief, Master Jedi and Grand Pooh-bah of ReviewFix.com. He is currently a full-time Journalism and English Professor at Kingsborough Community College and a former News Editor at NBC Local Integrated Media. He also teaches Multimedia Journalism at Brooklyn College and has had articles and photos published in The New York Times, The New York Daily News and The Syracuse Post Standard. Love him. Read him.

Flowers In A Gun

Nic Nassuet releases two tracks from new album “Eleutherios”

Acoustic goth folk singer/songwriter Nic Nassuet gives a little peak into his new album “Eleutherios” – a record, guiding the listener into dark worlds with ballads dedicated to a world that has left so many forgotten. Two songs were just released online.

“She rides moonlight” reminds of a nice blend between Dead Can Dance atmosphere and the sensuality of the Peter Murphy ballads. A big part of the song are the violins in the background, delivering a dark cabaret feel to it.

Album cover

The second track – “When it falls” captures more of a grungy, 90′s spirit. Violins, cellos, upright basses, guitars, and rock vocals combined with interesting percussion create an acoustic rock song about being haunted by oneself.

“I can’t hear anything
I can’t see anyone around us
I can’t feel anything at all

I have become this thing
I’ve started haunting my own dreams
Forever lost in the depth of me…”

Nic’s musical background can definitely be heard in his work: he played Sweeney Todd in “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street,” Terry Connor in “Side Show,” and starred at the original rock-musical “Doomsday Cabaret.” Drawing on his life-experience Nassuet’s music often finds itself rooted in the dark, mysterious & melodic.

Combining elements of traditional Celtic-music, blues, rock, grunge, folk, punk, and gothic rock; Nassuet makes music full of genuine emotion and darkly-sweet authenticity. Recently he signed with indie label, Dirtshack records and won several awards on the Los Angeles Veterans Creative Arts Competition.

“Eleutherious” is about to be released at some point this spring, followed by supporting tour in the spring and autumn

More about Nic on BandcampFacebookTwitter, as well as on his official website www.nicnassuet.com.



Scallywag Magazine

With ‘Eleutherios’ Nic Nassuet Brings Back the Art of Performance

COMMENTS: Leave a comment

by R.B. Sloane

Nic Nassuet – Twitter: Eleutherios

Cat Arthur, Nic Basset and Catrina Grimm

Cat Arthur, Nic Basset and Catrina Grimm

Actually focusing on entertaining the audience is a rare thing these days. So many artists seem fine with playing some version of themselves but it takes a true artist to slip in and out of roles, to fully and thoroughly pull in the audience or listener. Back in the day, you had Freddie Mercury, Roger Daltry, Robert Plant and the like… Now it’s all too real and fourth wally for me.

Meet Nic Nassuet and Catrina Grimm, the king and queen of gothic folk. The pair bring all of their theatre experience, writing, and musical stage presence out to play on Nassuet’s latest project Eleutherios.

Nassuet and Grimm compliment each other vocally and are equally dedicated to fulfilling a complete experience for their audience. Fine live performers. Find studio partners. They exceed expectation.

Sounding a bit like Nick Cave, but mostly like himself, Nassuet doesn’t shy away from drawing deep emotions out of his listeners. Nassuet has aptly branded his music acoustic horror punk and gothic folk, replete with a string quartet.

Eleutherios could be a rock opera, could be a sound score for any number of film genres, a hoity toity ampitheatre performance, or a big show for an arena. Nic Nassuet and Catrina Grimm can scale it up or down, depending upon the fire code.

I offer up two tracks from Nassuet’s record. First up, “She Rides Moonlight.”Very Nick Drake. Very b-side Kansas and I loved those b sides. “She Rides Moonlight” – besides being a well named song – is all shimmery in that total rock opera way.

Nassuet brings a rawness to the sparse and driving “When It Falls.” This track is a good indication of the kind of magic Nassuet and Grimm can do with just a few instruments. That stripped down power… that’s their thing.

Nassuet is acoustic, operatically punk, or mysterious and dark. I applaud that. Someone had to pick up where theatre nerd-turned rocker Meatloaf left off. What’s truly hot about their music is the way they approach story. You want to listen and keep listening to Nic Nassuet and the lady Grimm.

And that’s quite a feat in a world sans attention spans and bereft of the art of performance.

Nic Nassuet – Guitars Vocals
Catrina Grimm – Vocals

Current live lineup:
Edward Hong on violin
Cat Arthur on bass
Nic Nassuet on guitars and lead vocals
Catrina Grimm on background vocals and percussion

The following musicians have contributed in the studio:
Josh Riccio on percussion, background vocals and effects
William Sewart on violin, bass, viola and cello

Eleutherios Production:

Josh Riccio, Sing Engine Records

Eleutherios Tracklisting:
When It Falls
Black Dress
She Rides Moonlight
Goodnight Goodbye
The Giver
The Nothing
Cross and Crown

“When It Falls” Lyric Video

Beach Sloth

Nic Nassuet – Eleutherios

                Nic Nassuet’s “Eleutherios” is a passionate performance. Folk with fire, these songs are short and sweet pieces of work. Everything remains economical. The elements are used to maximum effect as Nic Nassuet dives deep into a sense of honesty, the sort of thing possible through folk and punk. Indeed certain elements of it are reminiscent of a distant relative of punk as the songs are stripped down, kept minimal, and oftentimes full of anger. Hard edges weave their way into the pieces as the lyrical content is quite bleak at times and the atmosphere reflects this as well. 
                Voices comes out from the echoing space on “Cross and Crown” as the piece gains greater and greater clarity. “Down” continues down this path letting the ethereal sound work its magic. The rhythm is ramshackle the strings perfectly attuned to the overall sense of defiance imbued within the song. For “Immured” Nic Nassuet explores the quieter impulses of his work as the music takes a darker tone. Fiery in spirit is “When It Falls”. By far the highlight of the album is the shadowy tasteful work of “The Giver”. The right mixture of mysterious and austere the piece is quite memorable. Coming out of this is the optimism of “Goodnight, Goodbye”. Bringing things to a close is the reflective sprawling journey of “She Rides Moonlight”. 
                “Eleutherios” is a timeless album. Nic Nassuet’s is a unique one with the ability to offer respect to the past while offering a shining vision of the future of sound.

Tilting Windmill

Nic Nassuet - 'Eleutherios'

Independent Spotlight is a continuing series on Stewart’s blog. The series revolves around independent artists and bands sending their music to Brett to review. No band is promised a positive review, and all music is reviewed honestly in an effort to better independent music.

The singer-songwriter genre can sometimes be a bore, oversaturated by melodramatic acoustic guitar performances and predictable lyricism that meanders through equally as predictable subject matter. Fortunately, the album in question for this edition of the Independent Spotlight is none of those things. Meet Nic Nassuet and his new record, ‘Eleutherios.’

I love a good Greek reference. ‘Eleutherios’ actually means ‘The Liberator’ and is present in much of Greek tradition. The album art is equally as complex, boasting a dark, Greek-inspired scene that fooled me into thinking I was about to delve into a metal record. When I queued up ‘Cross and Crown,’ I was met with something that completely surprised me.

The sound of this album is harder than your typical singer-songwriter debut. In ‘Cross and Crown.’ a moody, dark atmosphere compliments Nassuet’s acoustic guitar and dire lyrics. At times, it feels a bit like an 80s song and vocal performance with an acoustic guitar instead of an overdone production.

As the album continues, Nassuet consistently surprises the listener with a number of musical treats. There’s a splendid orchestral section in the backdrop of some of the music, and once the listener arrives at ‘Down,’ they’re introduced to a really tight backing band. The mystical, gothic sound is such an original approach.

‘Immured’ is the most beautiful track on the collection. Spine tingling violin, vocalist Catrina Grimm, and sparing acoustic guitar meld together into a ghostly apparition of a song. I actually prefer Nassuet’s soft side, though there is a certain likability to the angst of the more upbeat songs like ‘When it Falls.’

His strongest, though is when he serenades with his acoustic guitar. There’s such beauty and honest love behind ‘Goodnight, Goodbye.’ The song gives you shivers, plain and simple. ‘She Rides Moonlight’ is equally as gorgeous with an unforgettable mandolin and vocal performance.

Check out Nic Nassuet’s new record; it’s worth your time. It surprises around each turn and the nine tracks are a very satisfying, complete experience.

Check Out Nic Nassuet Online:


On This I Stand


Nic Nassuet’s new album Eleutherios is as heavy as castle masonry and as gloomy. The atmosphere created is as depressing as attending a funeral—and as cruel as being buried alive. However, the sound of terror is missing. It’s the stories that send a bit of a chill down the spine. It all begins with the cover art, mostly illustrated in tones of gray, of a mythological hybrid symbolizing something menacing. Although the title of the album in Greek means “Liberator,” the message may suggest that death itself is a redeemer. But, just like Gothic literature is an inherited aesthetic, Eleutherios is following a path of folk noir.

The track titled “Immured” tells the cruel tale of a bride meeting a slow death behind walls.  But, walls cannot be silenced and the song—sung by Nassuet and Catrina Grimm—depicts the exchange between the decaying bride and the tortured groom. While her voice struggles to stay alive, his voice is agonized. This polarity is what makes this track the most complex of the project.

“When It Falls” renders man helpless, but despite the emptiness emanating from the lyrics, death appears to take a peaceful form. The construction of this track takes on a benign musicality that is a little too safe to fit the message. However, “The Nothing.” a ballad of a man crumbling away into oblivion, is delivered convincingly as Nic poetically accepts his fate. Since all things repeat themselves, so does death. “Black Dress” addresses the familiarity of what is inevitable. William Stewart highlights this track with his violin, and this track is the most memorable one on the effort.

While some will find this effort soft rather than cruel or torturous, the musicians are solid on all accounts. The string instruments come in at just the right places as well as the few moments of percussions. Although sparsely utilized, the dynamic between the two vocalists is nicely harmonized. Yet, the album is not for everyone. The tension between the mellifluousness and the bleakness can’t be missed, and one can’t help but wonder if the project was spawned by some personal tragedy.

Verbal Slap





Singer-songwrtier Nic Nassuet’s latest release Eleutherious is a beautifully crafted foray into Gothic folk that displays the artistry and charisma that has followed him since he burst onto the music scene. By utilizing elements of music that are often left on the editing room floor, Nassuet is able to bring all of his talents to the forefront, shining a spotlight on his many influences and the many elements that encompass his singular musical style.



With a long history as a performer and all-around talent, Nic Nassuet has been a force on stage for years, appearing in critically lauded musicals such as Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Side Show, and Doomsday Cabaret. Not only a force in the musical theatre world, Nassuet has worked as a frontman for several rock bands – both metal and punk – and each time left his own indelible mark. Known for a commanding stage impression and passion in each role, it can be argued that all of them have helped bring forth his latest creative effort in Eleutherios, a masterful work that combines all of his natural talents and inclinations to a mix that will resonate with his fans and attract those that celebrate energy and honed talent.




Nassuet’s music has made an impact across radio stations worldwide and his albums have garnered reviews in several publications including Backstage National Edition, The Denver Post, and Crossradar to name a few. His works have also resulted in nominations and wins from several respected groups, including two Akademia Music Awards (Best Folk/Alternative Rock song, Best Americana/Alternative Rock song), and three nominations from the Indie Music Channel Awards (Best Male Alternative Artist, Best Male Folk Alternative, Best Folk Recording). With such an impressive resume under his belt, is no coincidence that he is a respected creative force in the industry.



Standout tracks on Eleutherios include ‘When It Falls’, which easily could find its way on radio stations that feature rock music. In short, ‘When It Falls’ is a rock song with heart written all over it. ‘The Nothing’ is a potential single that puts Nassuet’s songwriting at the forefront, with a killer guitar line that has listeners waiting for each successive note. For those looking to take a chance on new music and new singers, this is a release worth taking the risk on, as it delivers across the board. Eleutherios is an effort that brings beauty to the darkness, a gothic love letter that invites listeners to read every note, an exemplary addition that veers from the conventional in the most musical of ways. A release is in the works for spring of 2015 with summer and fall tour also planned.


To keep track of Nic Nassuet via social media, follow the links below…





Artist Website: www.nicnassuet.com

Bandcamp: https://nicnassuet.bandcamp.com/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/nassuet

Soundcloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/nic-nassuet

Twitter: www.twitter.com/nicnassuet

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Award winning singer/songwriter Nic Nassuet draws on his life-experience to bring us something dark, mysterious & melodic. She Rides Moonlight is one of the tracks on Nausset’s recent album release Eleutherios, a dramatic hybrid of acoustic tracks that truly pull a listener right to the speakers. Nassuet continues to make music that is full of dark emotion. With support and enthusiasm increasing daily for his music, Nic Nassuet is already hard at work once again, readying new material & pushing the boundaries of music for a  new album release in Spring of 2015 and a tour in the Summer and Fall of 2015.

Stream Eleutherios here.

Stream She Rides Moonlight:



Music Street Journal


Nic Nassuet


Review by G. W. Hill
Folk music, progressive rock and much more is on display here. This is a diverse set. It’s fairly uniform in terms of quality. That said, not everything works equally well to my ears. Still, it’s solid.
Track by Track Review
Cross and Crown
The opening section here is a bit creepy. As it moves out this becomes a folk meets rock and prog kind of number. It is invigorating and also quite beautiful in many ways.
The mix of sounds is more or less the same here. This one has a bit of an alternative rock edge, too.
Female vocals added to this cut really bring some magic. The musical concepts here are somewhat unchanged, but this is almost like a power ballad in some ways. It has some particularly subtle and sedate music. It’s dark, but also beautiful.
When It Falls
This is a bit more straightforward. It has a lot of energy and really rocks, though. It’s still acoustic based, but it’s a rocker.
The Nothing
While the strings bring a lot of icing to the cake of this song, it’s not altogether needed. That’s because the vocal hooks and music both are exceptional here. This might be my favorite song of the whole set. This is worth the price of admission by itself.
The Giver
Slower, intricate and quite beautiful, this is a powerful piece. It’s a rather moody ballad, really. It’s also another highlight.
The Giver
Slower, intricate and quite beautiful, this is a powerful piece. It’s a rather moody ballad, really. It’s also another highlight.
Goodnight, Goodbye
The mellowest song of the disc, this is pretty much purely folk music. It’s also rather sad, but that’s appropriate given the title.
Black Dress
Although this is more of a mainstream rocker, the violin adds a different texture.
She Rides Moonlight
This is a bit more energized than some of the rest. It has a bit of a folk prog element to it. It’s a good song, but not one of my favorites. Still, the vocal lines are strong, and there are some intriguing bits of music.


Nic Nassuet

Nic Nassuet – Eleutherios


On Nic Nassuet’s newest release, “Eleutherios,” he combines guitar, violin and vocals to create a collection of passionate and stirring songs. His style could be described as Folk Rock or Alternative Rock, but he brings something unique to each of these genres with his edgy acoustic style combined with the beauty of strings and pure female vocals.

My favorite aspect of this album is the way Nassuet brings a rock sensibility into the melodic tones of the violin, piano, guitar and other vocals. This gives his songs a unique sound as they are infused with both the rock feel of Nassuet’s voice and the melodic feel of his other elements. This sound seems to set a dark, moody tone that is intriguing and easy to get into.

This balance of rough edge and sweet melody is evident in songs like “Immured” which seems like a dance between male and female vocals that are at times unexpected because of their dissimilarity. But the difference in vocals is yet another way Nassuet achieves the fusion of rock with a softer sound. Both elements add passion to his music, and they balance each other. Nassuet is quite innovative and kept me interested in each song with this style.

On songs like “Goodnight, Goodbye,” Nassuet shows the diversity of his sound and talent as it is a soft, acoustic song in which his voice is sweet and mellow. This varies from songs in which he uses his voice more powerfully to create a fuller and more passionate sound. I really like songs like “Goodnight, Goodbye,” because its stripped back sound showcases Nassuet’s vocal and instrumental talent found in their simplicity.

I think this album is original and fascinating—unlike many singer/songwriters that make music today, Nic Nassuet finds a way in each song to infuse different styles and create unique, diverse but balanced music. I think he breathes new life into the Folk Rock genre.

Artist Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Buy

About the Author

Christen Johnson is a freelance writer and editor with a passion for music. She graduated from college with a Bachelors Degree in English and writes articles, grants, reviews, and blog posts on a monthly basis. Christen has a background in vocal performance and loves to sing. She also enjoys discovering new bands, learning more about artists, and seeing live shows.

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nic nassuetA decorated graduate of the Nick Drake school of mourn-pop, Californian singer-songwriter Nic Nassuet has released his latest album Eleutherios(pronounce that if you can) to a flurry of award nominations. Dark worlds, powerful lyrics and beautiful soundscapes characterise Nassuet's music, which has been called variously gothic folk, gothic rock and - my personal favourite - acoustic horror punk.

Nassuet channels decades as a performer into his music. Taking the lead role in Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street no doubt stoked his penchant for the macabre, and this, along with various other starring roles in musical theatre, helped him to hone his performance skills and develop a rich vocal dexterity. On the flip side, acting as the frontman for numerous metal and punk bands in his murky past taught Nassuet the importance of rock ’n’ roll stage-craft, giving his particular brand of folk - for want of a better word - balls.

Nic Nassuet has big plans for the future. His multi-instrumental, genre-defying music has been played on terrestrial FM stations across the US and Canada, as well as on digital stations throughout the world. Summer and Fall 2015 will see him undertaking an extensive tour to support the release of Eleutherios, and if recent history is anything to go by, he may well pick up a few more awards to add to his presumably fairly crowded mantelpiece.

Stream the singles

Find out more
Official Website

Delusions of Adequacy


Nic Nassuet - Eleutherios

Nic Nassuet – Eleutherios

Nic Nassuet – “When It Falls” and “She Rides Moonlight”

Veteran musician, vocalist, and songwriter Nic Nassuet has starred in dramatic musicals onstage and been the frontman in several punk and metal bands over the years, but he is now ensconced in Hollywood and is ruling over his own stylistic niche of gothic folk-rock.  Nic released his striking and stirring debut album,Eleutherios, just last month and recently won the “Best Male Alternative Artist” for 2015 at the Indie Music Channel Awards.  He combines elements of acoustic guitar-led alt-folk balladry with his powerful rock vocals, melancholic gothic atmosphere, classical symphonic strings, and punk rock attitude.  It’s a potent, diverse, and unusual brew – unexpected, but highly welcome in a world that rewards ephemeral pop fizz and heavy shots of rock.

“When It Falls” showcases Nic’s expressive vocals as he emotes with passion over a smooth-groovin’ Latin rhythm.  The short-strummed acoustic guitar line cycles, laid-back, but dynamic hand drums percussion, and clacking tempo all support Nic’s melodic vocal phrases as he pushes his lyrics out with fervor.  He reveals that “When it falls / I’m never gonna make it without you.”  Another track off the album, “She Rides Moonlight”, takes another aural tack, going Medieval classical with pulled strings of varying pitches and pace (piquant violin plucks playing off of slow-drawn cello) and a plainer toned Nic soothingly singing the disquieting lines “See the strangers in the street / You know they’re living in a lie.”

Vents Magazine

Album Review: Eleutherios by Nic Nassuet/RIYL Nick Drake and Jeff Buckley

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He’s been compared to late great folk rockers, Nick Drake and Jeff Buckley. I disagree. Nic Nassuet is, for sure , a breath of fresh air. He fine tuned his craft, adding a new dimension to folk music with (at times) a unique and intricate use of the violin and angelic and Kate Bush-like vocals. His stamp on the genre is displayed in the latest release, “Eleutherios”.

The ten-track album alternate between two very different styles of folk: the scenic and panoramic tones that gives the feeling of floating among the clouds, featured in tracks, “Cross and Crown”, “Goodnight, Goodbye” and “Immured”. Sparked with Nassuet’s gutsy and rock-ready vocals, there’s the fierce folk/borderline rock that puts fire in the belly and ignites the whole soul, demonstrated in “Down” and “Black Dress”.

The highlight of the album is the last offering “She Rides Moonlight”. This is where you fully experience the award-winning singer/songwriter’s unique signature on what I like to call angelic folk. Still retaining the rockiness, Nassuet’s turns down the gutsiness in his voice which , in a peculiar way, gives a slight, Red-Hot-Chilli-Peppers style rock element to the six-minute production.

All in all, “Eleutherios” is a pleasant enough collection; it’ll definitely go down well with folk/country music lovers who are looking for that little kick in the genre.

Short and Sweet NYC/LA

Nic Nassuet: Eleutherios

nicNic Nassuet

Nic Nassuet and Catrina Grimm make up the permanent band members on Nassuet’s new 10-song album, Eleutherios. Employing acoustic instruments (cello, violin and acoustic guitar), Nassuet’s darker read on life is certainly dramatic and colorfully produced.

“Cross and Crown” opens, a slow strummer showcasing Nassuet’s clear-as-a-bell distinctive, soft, low vocal (until he gets more passionate and screams slightly) with Grimm’s backing vocal and a violin countering. “Down” chunks along with a full band read, again violin leading, but here we get Cat Arthur’s bass and Josh Riccio percussion on a dramatic acoustic funk vibe. “The Giver” is truly pretty, with Nassuet employing what I feel is the very effective lower end of his vocals, a sweetly plucked acoustic and strings. The lilting “ohhs” from Grimm make this for me the best tune on Eleutherios. We get a dangerous feeling on “Black Dress” with Nassuet growling over his staccato-strummed acoustic and violin once again leading; the choruses here are pretty damn commercial and singable even in such a spare production. “She Rides Moonlight” ends with a plucked opening, mixing with low cello it finds an odd beat, with once again Nassuet making great use of his lower range. The background vibe lifts slightly from Zep’s “The Battle Of Evermore,” but in fairness, you put high plucked strings with a female vocal making up most of a song and that’s where my mind goes. Still, it is a spectacular ender to what is pretty much a subtle little masterpiece of acoustic-based brilliance from Nic Nassuet and company.

You can listen to the album here.

Blog Critics

Music Review: Nic Nassuet – ‘Eleutherios’

Posted by: Sahar May 17, 2015 in Album ReviewsMusicMusic GenresReviews musicRock


Nic Nassuet“Liberator”—that’s what the album’s title, Eleutherios, means in Greek. I’m not quite sure what Nic Nassuet had in mind with this title, but it could be that he is trying to both liberate himself from the restraints imposed by today’s music standards, while at the same time free himself from various demons and ghosts that seem to haunt most of the 10 tracks on Eleutherios, which was released late last month. It comes as no surprise then, that trying to place this album in a category becomes somewhat of a futile attempt at tidiness. It’s a little bit of gothic rock and folk, has strong accents of acoustic music with clear whiffs of traditional Celtic elements, and goes into operatic rock territory at times.

While it sometimes feels that Hollywood, California’s Nassuet is trying and failing to go full on gothic with his music, it gives the tracks a certain real edge in that most people are licked constantly by despair rather than immersed in its dark, raging depths. Through the use of rather poetic and simple, yet meticulously built soundscapes, Nassuet walks listeners through the darkness without leaving them to drown. Nassuet (guitar, vocals) and Catrina Grimm (backing vocals) are the only permanent members of this artistic endeavour, which is helped by the likes of Josh Riccio (percussion, background vocals, and effects) and William Stewart (violin, bass, viola, and cello).

There seems to be three major categories of songs on this release. The first is composed of acoustic guitar-led tracks. “Cross and Crown” and “Goodnight, Goodbye” also feature vocals echoing as if in a big empty space, giving them a certain sense of grandeur and depth. “Goodnight, Goodbye” has short bursts of a choir doing backing vocals that add a bit of an auditory tingle to the listening experience. Its overall feel is that of a dark lullaby that would fit nicely on any angst-filled television series. The mid-tempo “When It Falls” brings in quite a few instruments—violin, cello, bass, and guitar—yet manages to remain, interestingly enough, quite sparse. Anthemic at certain moments, it captures a little bit of the 1990s grunge spirit.

The second category could be defined as simply layered rocks songs. “Down” features the contrasting, yet complementary sounds of delicate strings and Nassuet’s harsh and almost defiant vocals. The plucked guitar notes that open “Black Dress” bring to mind a red flamenco dress, an impression very quickly rectified by Nassuet’s harsh vocals and the familiar rock melody that kicks in. An almost shy violin highlights the song throughout but still leaves it a little too bare at times, which could have been avoided with just a single extra layer—some drums, for example.

The third category of tracks are operatic rock style ballads. “Immured” opens with strings, giving it a certain sense of grandeur while the guitar strumming brings the tune back down to the ground. Similarly, Catrina Grimm’s almost dainty vocals, which blend with the delicately played strings, contrast with Nassuet’s harsher, angst-ridden vocals that complement the guitar-driven melody. “The Nothing” is more of the same—string opening, guitar strummed, vocals echoing as if in a big empty space—while the subdued vocals in “The Giver” make it a little different from the other songs in this category.

Nassuet’s Eleutherios features solid instrumentation, interesting melodies, and a unique mixture of sounds and styles. The album is not for everyone and might seem like a tease to some, as it touches upon numerous genres without making a commitment to any of them. More information can be found on hisofficial website, and a selection of songs is available for streaming on Bandcamp.

The Music Universe

Alternative Control

Album Review: Nic Nassuet’s Eleutherios

nic nassuet

Eleutherios, the latest release from gothic folk artist Nic Nassuet, reminds us not to judge an album by its cover… But then, to judge an album by its cover.  The foreboding picture of a goat-skulled figure surrounded by vultures and human carrion would be at home alongside the album art of a band like Skeletonwitch.  This is at first a contrast with the soft, string-laden tunes — but the more you listen, the more darkness comes out.

Nassuet, who hails from Los Angeles, has a background in theater that shows in the dramatic arrangement of his songs (and his penchant for performing in Day of the Dead makeup).  He and vocalist/percussionist Catrina Grimm are the only permanent band members, but guest musicians add bass, violin, viola, cello, and various effects to the studio recordings.  My favorite track is “Black Dress,” which although nostalgic, is one of the less-dark numbers — but the violin really sings on this one.


Nassuet’s PR folks recommend him for fans of Nick Drake, Jeff Buckley, and Sisters of Mercy; I think local fans of Jesse James or James & Johnson would enjoy his music as well — less outlaw country, but still toe tapping and emotional.  Have a listen and let us know what you think!

nic nassuet and catrina grimm

Find Nassuet on FacebookTwitterYoutubebandcamp, and the web.


Nic Nassuet is a rock/folk hybrid artist out of Hollywood who recently released his first full album, Eleutherios, which contains a number of singles he’s released over the past nine months. The most recent of these singles is called “She Rides Moonlight,” and also is the album’s closing song, and it brings a little bit of country cache to this largely folk rock album.

Nassuet is known for playing an electrified mandolin and for having accompanying strings in many of his songs, and this is what “She Rides Moonlinght”opens with. The mandolin in this case as well as the vocals take on an Americana folk quality, while a cello is what features most heavily in the background, adding an emotive quality to the track. All these elnofacepaintements plus a chorus of backing singers make for a fitting closing to what is a very diverse and multi-layered album Nassuet has created in Eleutherios.

Nic Nassuet, as he has transitioned from musical theatre to his current solo projects, is still tesing out a number of different styles and techniques to create his signature sound. He’s complied what seems like a number of these test runs into the album that is Eleutherios. “She Rides Moonlight” is one of the best tracks on the album and hopefully represents where Nassuet will take his sound in the future. Eleutherios is available to stream or buy on Nic Nassuet’sBandcamp site, or click the player above to hear “She Rides Moonlight.”


Written by Layla Marino

Blog: (Dropping) Weird Science


Nic Nassuet - "She Rides Moonlight"

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About the Author
20 year old from Melbourne, Australia; currently studying contemporary music in London as a guitarist. Contact at julialamb2010@hotmail.com

The latest single from Los Angeles’ up-and-coming Nic Nassuet takes folk to a dreamy 70s-inspired place awash with Jim Morrison’s influence. Nassuet classifies his style as ‘gothic rock’: think Nick Drake with a coat of grunge.

‘She Rides Moonlight’, however, sees Nassuet shed his trademark gravelly vocals and instead adopt a smooth tone that melts into this song’s peaceful aura. Mandolins and a string quartet sail through an entrancing lull, inducing an atmosphere that washes over you with total tranquility. Nic Nassuet has produced a deeply stirring track by way of subtlety.

‘She Rides Moonlight’ is lifted off Nassuet’s latest album Eleutherios.

Follow him at:


Anti Music

Nic Nassuet - Eleutherios

Nic Nassuet is a curious artist. His Eleutherios EP includes a wide variety of music. One called "Black Dress," for instance, finds the singer vocalizing with a scratchy, hard rock voice, even though he's signing it over an acoustic guitar and violin. It's almost as though he's a heavy metal guy performing one of his band's hits unplugged. Only this isn't an unplugged version of a song, but its original.

Nassuet is as influenced by by Gothic rock as he is inspired by more folk-ish artists like Nike Drake. However, when you're listening to these songs, he truly sounds like someone that may have originally cut his teeth on the glam metal that was so popular during the 80s in Los Angeles. A guy can't do anything about the singing voice he was given, of course, but it just sounds like a mighty strange aural mixture at times.

This is fine music, even with all of its odd ingredients. Enjoy it with a quizzical look on your face.

Muso's Guide

Nic Nassuet – She Rides Moonlight FEATURED

  •  Written by  Julia Lamb

Take the acoustic balladry of Nick Drake and Jeff Buckley and wrap it in a rock ‘n’ roll exterior and you’ll find something close to “gothic folk”: this is what award-winning singer-songwriter Nic Nassuet is all about. The Hollywood artist’s latest record Eleutherios has netted him a plethora of raving reviews, and Nassuet has put his best foot forward with the album’s lead single ‘She Rides Moonlight’. 

‘She Rides Moonlight’ sees Nassuet depart from the gravelly, hard-edged rock ‘n’ roll vocals found on the majority of the album. Instead, he spills out melodies with the same smooth tone you’d hear fromJim Morrison. In fact, the whole song is very reminiscent of Jim Morrison’s era, from the ethereal mandolins to the track’s stretched out six and a half minute-length – swaying with languid paces and never in a rush. A delicate troop of strings work together to give this song its graceful, swelling atmosphere, which is at times enriched by sonorous violas, and at other times brightened by dainty violins; it’s a playful balance that’s also romantic in its idle simplicity. “Rest your weary crown on her alabaster breast / Deep within her now, die the little death” – Nassuet’s lyrics paint a love story that fits in idyllic harmony with the acoustic backdrop, and serve as another element in the song’s subtle but mystical aura.

‘She Rides Moonlight’ is an interesting choice for a lead single – it’s not often these days that singles are six and a half minutes long. But it’s a song that is entrancing in its repetitiveness; Nassuet averts the risk of being boring and instead achieves a peacefully lulling effect.

She Rides Moonlight is available from Amazon and iTunes.


    Pop Dose


    With a background in punk, rock, and metal bands glimmering alongside a few pivotal roles in musicals like Sweeney Todd (in which he played the “demon barber”), Los Angeles-based artist Nic Nassuet has combined his mixed-bag of influences into Eleutherious, a nine-track collection of Gothic folk and dark pop that offers the listener a surprisingly accessible experience.

    Channeling figureheads like Nick Drake and Jeff Buckley, Nassuet combines a wholly folky sound with vocals that sometimes ebb on stadium-rock worthy. On “Cross and Crown,” the album’s opener, he beckons the listener in with smooth, lulling melodies before unleashing his rockier side, but creates a super listenable barometer against which the rest of the album is measured. Simply put, each track builds on the one before it. Some artists don’t understand the importance of creating a cohesive effort within an album format; Nassuet does. Even on sweet, string-heavy “Immured,” he manages to incorporate a little driving rock into a track that might be best classified as chamber music. In fact, Eleutherious contains a few tunes that showcase Nassuet’s softer side, including “Goodnight, Goodbye,” and the mysterious “The Giver.”

    For those just dipping their toes into this style of music, however, “When It Falls” might be the best introduction to Nassuet and possibly Gothic folk as a whole. Its pop underpinnings and repetitious chorus render it a complete earworm; it’s definitely the one you’ll be humming later. But I’d also be willing to wager that this album is one you’ll keep around for a long, long time; its evergreen melodies and deep-seated heart and soul make it a staple for anyone’s collection.

    Allison Johnelle Boron
    Allison lives in New York City where she is a freelance music journalist, jug band enthusiast, and parent to an ungrateful -- but charming -- betta fish. She is also the editor of REBEAT magazine. Find her on Twitter.

      Indie Habit

      Goth Punk With Wide Appeal


      If you’re not a fan of Goth rock or horror punk music, don’t let the cover art of Nic Nassuet’s new album “Eleutherios” scare you off. To call Nic Nassuet’s music a hybrid is an understatement. Nic is trying to live in the Goth world but this record is not your typical Goth offering. It is so much more that will appeal to fans of several genres. Yes, this record will appeal to those disciples of Goth and punk and horror rock but it will also appeal to fans of folk, Celtic, grunge, punk and neofolk music. Violins, mandolins and cellos are not the typical instrumentation of Goth rock but this record is not typical in any sense of the word.

      Nassuet is a seasoned performer, and not simply a musical performer. His stage presence is honed from years of work in musical theater (“Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street”, “Side Show”, “Doomsday Cabaret”) and he brings his music to life through that magic he exudes from the stage. One thing that is immediately noticeable from a casual listening of the album is the passion and emotion dripping from every track. Not many performers can impart that level of dedication and fervor through a record but Nic succeeds on all fronts. Nassuet is an award winning songwriter and his songs are well crafted and the arrangements show off the material to perfection.

      Thematically, Nassuet’s music fits squarely in the Goth rock sphere. The title of the album, Eleutherios conjures up images of ancient Greek bacchanalia but musically, this offering is much harder to classify. The music is so universal that it should win over fans of multiple genres and appeal to fans of almost any genre. The best tracks on the album are ‘Black Dress’, ‘When It Falls’, ‘Down’ and ‘She Rides Moonlight’. If you get the opportunity to see Nic Nassuet live, it is a show you won’t want to miss. Highly entertaining and very enjoyable.-*

      Magic Monster Records

      Album Review: Nic Nassuet’s Eleutherios Offers a Frigid Yet Gracious Isolation

      Creating a distinct atmosphere and focus is often the elusive hallmark of great albums. For many artists, this means painstakingly crafting new worlds while Nic Nassuet manages the same effect through efforts less looming and obvious. Instead it’s as if the entirety of his full length Eleutherios exists within a bleak December field blanketed in bitterly cold snow and blood spilled by fallen soldiers of a civil war. Nassuet’s gloomy gypsy goth style finds life not so much in this field but rather the traces of ghosts and residual events tied to it like realities superimposed on one another.


      We can almost hear these overlapping realities twirling divinely in the ethereally misty backing vocals stirring the opening of “Cross and Crown” before acoustic guitar resonating with the crispness of autumn leaves finds itself swept aloft in currents of violin saturated with mythology, forging the perfect pedestal for Nassuet’s own domineering vocal confidence. When delving into black pools of charged emotion, his vocal control is such that passion relinquishes itself to it. Even when belting out the nuances of tragedies, the details that make aspects of the lyrics so real, his command never once falters.


      “Down” is rusted, rustic blues, propelled by a gritty hooking beat with the violin shedding a dim warm light across the frigidness that permeates the music. The vocals exude a pre-war soul against a Civil War backdrop of raw nerve blues. The gentle pluck of the acoustic guitar skews eerily into haunting territory with “Immured”, a ghostly duet relying more on tragedy’s romance than its horror. Choruses swell with the torment of relentless visions spurned onward by maddening obsessions. The album finds possibly its most rock-oriented moment in “When It Falls”, a track that pairs the measured violence of guitar strumming against chittering percussion and bongo beats. Even this momentary rebelliousness is possessed with a vulnerable lament courtesy of the phantasmic layered vocals.


      Even against the swells of violin, Nassuet’s voice sounds naked in its freezing isolation on “The Nothing.” Vocals with only their own echoes for company populate the cold expanses as if reaching from another dimension far from the simple, stripped acoustic strums and futile longing of violins. The lyrics burn bright like a cinder flaring up before succumbing to the soft, smothering death kiss of the falling snow. “The Giver” finds its power in an even deeper simplicity, infusing a resigned horror through taunting guitar, bittersweet nostalgic violin, and backing vocals that evoke the bizarrely angelic film scores of Danny Elfman. The eerily youthful teasing guitar becomes more playful on “Goodnight, Goodbye” yet still can’t restrain the maudlin and macabre essence that’s soaked into the very fibers ofEleutherios. These morose musings escape in certain hastily plucked notes of the guitar and we’re offered a glimpse of the romantic outsider looking in, snow-burned cheeks illuminated by the warmth of a fire hopelessly cut off by an icy pane of glass.

      While “Black Dress” almost recounts an Ennio Morricone Western theme in its opening acoustic damaged ruggedness hanging on wild strings of violin, it soon falls into a determined rhythmic strum while the controlled vocals cry out the weakness of ensnared prey, detailing the bewitching glamour of a spellbinding silver screen siren. A sense of foreboding remains subtle yet conspicuous in certain ominous chords of the chorus. This sense of understated drama continues into the album’s first single, “She Rides Moonlight” which takes advantage of the cinematic sweetness prevalent on Eleutherios with its moon-kissed acoustic chords and a sense of tribute in its subtle orchestral elements.

      Eleutherios is an epithet for Dionysus and Eros, gods representing intoxication and love respectively. Yet the album Eleutherios seems to draw its intoxication less out of a sense of revelry and more to dull the pain of love. Inevitably, every line shows such an intense appreciation for beauty that Nic Nassuet’s distinct blend of gypsy goth punk folk is more of an uplifting meditation than a grim affair.